String Instruments

June 22nd, 2016

There has been a few string instruments in my life. Sometime in my teens, I bought a nylon stringed guitar. I kept that up until the age of about 30. 1982 or so, me, my brother and two of our friends started a garage rock band. We kept that going until about 1985. It was great fun. After some agony, we decided to call ourselves Long Feel. Since I was the second worst guitar player in the group, I played the base. Guess who played the drums!

The base followed me to Link√∂ping University, where I studied engineering. 1988, me and three fellow students started a cover band. Nothing ever happened with that. We kept that going for about a year. I don’t think we even got to the point of inventing a name. Eventually, other things in life, like family, PhD studies, a house and what-not, became more important, and both the guitar and the base collected dust. I eventually sold the base.

Roughly 2010, our youngest son found my guitar, and to make a long story short: I realized that i missed that part of my life. I stumbled across Chapman Sticks on Youtube and that blew me away. In 2013, I ordered a Grand Stick that arrived just in time for my birthday. Since then, I try to find time to practice at least some every day. And it has also given a spark to my hobby electronics habits.

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