About Mikael

May 13th, 2015

So who is Mikael? I am a husband, father of two, who earns my living as a university teacher in telecommunication. I find special pride and joy in writing tutorials for my courses. Finally, in August 2011, one of them found its way to Studentlitteratur, the most important academic publishing house in Sweden. In my spare time I sing in Link√∂ping Chamber choir and in Ensemble CSV. See the page “Music” for more details about that. Owning a house is constantly a source of work. Me and my wife do most things ourselves, and we enjoy it. But still, it is something that we (or at least I) tend to do too seldom. Those projects tend to pile up. The bad conscience about remodelling our basement is almost over.

This website focuses on my spare time activites. For details about my professional activities, see

These are web sites that I manage:

  • Division of Communication Systems. This is where I work. Before 2007 it was called Division of Data Transmission. I am the webmaster for that website since 1996.
  • Link√∂ping Chamber Choir. In Swedish. I’ve been a member of this choir since 1996. I am one of two webmasters for this site since we completely remodeled it 2009.
  • Ensemble CSV. Mostly in Swedish. This is a renaessance ensemble.
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