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WordPress hack: Combining NextGen and DrainHole

April 7th, 2010

NextGen is a really well thought through plugin handling image galleries. It has one obvious drawback; It does not allow me to limit the access to the images themselves. Granted, you can limit the access to pages displaying the images using WordPress user settings, but not the images. Drain Hole is another well thought through plugin that among other things allows you to limit access based on wordpress user status. It does a lot more if you want it to, but I needed access limitation.

Good, then we combine them. Just install them and we’re off. Yeah, right! You could wish it would be that simple. It’s not. Their file placement and URLs do not fit, unless we adjust the way NextGen generates URLs. Therefore I have produced a dead simple plugin that, combined with adjustments to a few of the files in the NextGen plugin, does the trick. For details, go to

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